Thursday, 9 January 2014

work hard babe..there are no such easy way in this world

hi guys

sorry dah lama tak update sebab final exam sedang berlangsung...berhabuk sgt blog nih bila miss A bukak tadi....fuh..fuh..siap bersawang lagi..

ok now let move to our topic...miss A nak bercerita pasal workout..i love in process to get back my six pack and lose some weight...dah byk sgt lemak dalam badan ni..

ala ape susah miss A,minum herba life kurus la...

disini miss A nak tegaskan yang miss A nak kurus dan tambah muscle...six pack tu yg pnting,so nak tak nak kene jugak workout..who want perfect curve body??------->me

tapi kepada sesiapa yang nak kurus tapi x suka peluh tu,boleyh la guna herbalife...roomate miss A consume menda ni dalam masa 5bln (i guess) boleyh turun dari 80-60 kg..this is crazy man..hahaha,,

kenapa miss A nak susahkan diri berpeluh2..kene matahari??

sebab fakta mengatakan kalau kita kurus dgn cara bersenam,it will take a long term to get fat tu la katenyer..because remember "imagine your fat as cheese,to make it disappear is by heat it up".

nanti bila miss A berjaya dlm process miss A, i will update new entry about it ok..fuh fuh fuh..feeling excited gitu..

so here my exercise routine,to get fit and muscle

-sit up 100x
-squat 100x
-plank 100x

-jogging about 3-4 km

igt nak buat exercise ni kene buat slowly and one by one..mula dgn langkah kecil.kemudian ke langkah besar..jgn  terus buat semua..miss A mula2 pon start with jogging..bila jogging dah constant baru buat sit up  and else...

wish me luck guys..

p/s :miss A x jual herbalife


  1. wowwww.. Terbaiklah miss A.. this is new motivation for me.. hihi..

  2. Caiyokk miss A..
    Mummy pun mmg nak kena exercise selalu.. untuk kurangkan kolestrol..

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